Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Complete Guide on How to Treat Genital Herpes

The fact that 4 of 5 adult in US get infected with genital herpes makes most people want to find out how to treat genital herpes correctly. Most common suggested medication is the antiviral medicine. It is advised to consume when the outbreak attack. The antiviral medicine is also can help you to decrease the pain and the period of genital herpes symptom. However, the medication cannot cure the disease but just make you ease the pain and disturbance during the infection.

Complete Stages on How to Treat Genital Herpes part 1

The answer of question like how to treat genital herpes properly will be depending on the type of infection that you get. The treatment will be divided based on the first time infection or the recurrent one. If the infection that you get is the primary infection then you can try to visit the local sexual health clinic. Usually, they will give the antiviral tablet prescription. One of the common medicines is acyclovir that needs to be consumes 5 times per day.

Complete Stages on How to Treat Genital Herpes part 2

Before try to looking for the answer of how to treat genital herpes, you will need to find out the type of infection that you have. If you get less than 6 times of recurrent outbreak in one year then you may need the episodic treatment. During this treatment you will need to take acyclovir for five day. You will be suggested to consume this medicine every time you get the tingle and numb before the real symptom begin to attack.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Complete Benefit of Lysine for Genital Herpes

Nowadays, researches already find out that lysine for genital herpes has some important relationship. Lysine itself is essential amino acids that must be gained from food since body cannot produce itself. Lysine deficiency can result reproductive disorder, slowed growth and anemia. You can get lysine intake by consuming eggs, legume, sardine, cod and red meat. Another form of lysine can be gained through pill, liquid, patches and creams.

The Usage of Lysine for Genital Herpes

Lysine is a kind of essential amino acid that needed for your health but cannot be produce by your own body. If you want to get lysine then it means that you need to gain it form food or supplement. It is a kind of building blocks of protein. Sufficient lysine level will create proper growth development and enough amount of carnitine production. Carnitine itself is a king of nutrient that has responsibility to convert the fatty acid into energy. Beside that the carnitine is also helpful to decrease the cholesterol level.